I’m Luke.
I Hunt. Fish.
Shoot. Survive.

Everyday millions of people are looking to learn. They want to know how to rake care of themselves. They want to be free of the control of others. My job is simple, help them along their journey through my brand, or third party companies.

About Me

I grew up in Tennessee, right outside of Nashville. From a young age I spent my time outside, as we weren’t allowed to come in till the street lights came on.

My family were as country as you could get, and I have spent my life learning from them, along with some other amazing folk along the way. As I begin having kids I wanted them to grow up with the same morals, ethics, and lifestyle that me and my siblings did. Along my path I became a video producer and so started the journey of Outdoors By Luke.

Recent Videos

Featured Work

Hoppes Gun Care

Cleaning Guns is something every owner should know how to do. Thanks to Hoppes, we have been creating videos to help all levels of gun owners learn to safely clean their firearms.

Luke Williams
Producer & On-Camera Talent
Courtney Smits
Camera Operator & Talent